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There are 3 reasons ionized water is better for your health, anti-oxidation, micro-clustering, and alkalinity. Each of these offers tremendous bene ts.
We combine them all for the ultimate in water quality!
Change your water. Change your life.
Ionized water . . .
• a rich source of antioxidants
• provides strong acidic water that
sanitizes and disinfects your hands, your
food, your dishes
• improves the taste of your food
• has no chlorine or sediments such as
rust or other sediments • tones for beautiful skin
Never buy bottled water again.
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Call John Isley 206.696.4567 or Shawn Brown 425-346-9162
Kangen8 features:
• 8 electrode plates
• LCD touch panel
• voice prompt
• 3 layered, high power
standard  lter • 8 languages

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