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Welcome to the
North Seattle Chamber
of Commerce
A major portion of my e ort as President in 2016 was to enhance the chamber’s online presence, as well as that of our members. We grew our Facebook and Twitter accounts and increased engagement on these platforms steadily. We encourage you to join us on the web by following chamber accounts, sharing our posts, and letting us know when you’d like us to share your content. We’d love to help get the word out when you have something to share.
Moving forward in 2017, there are several objectives we’d like to accomplish, including:
1 Continuingtobuildouronlinepresenceandcommunityandhelping our members to do the same. We’ll continue to post content that we  nd relevant and helpful, and to promote chamber members by sharing your content.
2 Further engage the community with existing programs such as luncheons with speakers of interest, networking events, and our annual SalmonFest Seattle celebration, while introducing new initiatives including the Winter Carnival.
3 Find and implement new ways to promote members’ businesses. We’re really excited about our “Feet on the Street” project, where we visit a local business, learn more about them, capture it on video, and share it online. Keep an eye out for these videos, as well as details on how to get a video produced about your business.
This business directory is a handy tool to keep close by. Let’s all support each other by doing business with our fellow members! You’re sure to  nd what you’re looking for with a quick peek into this directory.
The North Seattle Chamber of Commerce thrives when we all
get involved. I want to thank everyone who has taken time out to volunteer, attend events, and engage with us online. Join us in 2017 in our continued pursuit of incredible growth, and making it the best year yet!
Kevin Love
Founder, Backstage Interactive
2016-2017 President, North Seattle Chamber of Commerce

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